Aquiles J. Mas, DMD

Meet Dr. Mas

Dr. Aquiles J Mas was born in 1975 in Miami Florida. He attended Miami Dade community college where he obtained his AS degree. Used this degree to apply to the dental hygiene program in the Miami Dade community college medical campus. He graduated from the program Phi Theta Kappa with honors from that program. He then proceeded to obtain his bachelor’s degree while working as a dental hygienist full time. Dr. Mas then was accepted to Nova Southeastern University in 2001 Which would be the graduating class of 2005. Upon receiving his D. M. D. Degree he moved to the west coast of Florida where he worked for a group practice for two years. It was in 2007 that Dr. Mas bought his own private practice. He spent 9 years in his East trail office before moving his practice to its current location on the north trail. Since moving to Naples, Dr. Mas does many sports and the outdoors. He enjoys spearfishing, freediving, foiling, wind foiling, surfing, boating, hunting, skiing, snow boarding, road and mountain biking. He loves traveling and spending time with his family. 

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