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At True View Dental, Dentist Dr Aquiles Mas and his team take pride in providing top-notch oral health services tailored to the needs and preferences of each patient. Dr Mas is passionate about ensuring the highest level of industry innovation within our practice, so you can depend on us to exceed your expectations in all areas of dentistry and hygiene, whether it’s preventative care, general dentistry, or cosmetic solutions. As a dentist in Naples, FL, Dr Mas, and his team strive to provide a broad range of dental services with personal attention to help ensure that all patients achieve optimal oral health. At True View Dental, we take pride in offering you a quality experience with a professional approach every time, so come visit today for the best dental care possible!

Aquiles J. Mas, DMD, practices a full scope of general and cosmetic dentistry with expertise ranging from porcelain veneers to dental implants, crowns and bridges. Dr. Mas can now correct a wide variety of so-called permanent cosmetic dental problems, and can literally redesign your smile.

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General & Cosmetic Dentistry

True View Dental can give you a smile you’re happy to show off. Modern cosmetic dentistry techniques make it easier than ever for you to have a bright, even smile.

Dr. Mas can give you the smile you want using:

Dental Implants

Dental implants are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. The person who has lost teeth regains the ability to eat virtually anything and can smile with confidence, knowing that teeth appear natural and that facial contours will be preserved.

Dental implants are changing the way people live. With them, people are rediscovering the comfort and confidence to eat, speak, laugh and enjoy life. For more information about dental implants or to schedule a consultation appointment, call our office in NAPLES, FL at True View Dental Phone Number (239) 598-8899.

Preventive Care

Dr Aquiles Mas at True View Dental in Naples is a firm believer that preventive dental care is crucial to maintain optimal oral health. Dr Aquiles J Mas has seen first hand how quickly a minor cavity can develop into significantly more serious and expensive issues simply because preventive care has not been taken seriously. Even seemingly small habits like brushing and flossing can make the difference between healthy teeth and painful gum disease down the line. Dr Mas urges everyone to visit their dentist regularly and maintain these good habits, as it will help them avoid unnecessary expenses in the future.

Dr Mas prides himself in the high level of expertise he brings to all treatments and procedures, ensuring everyone under his care has access to quality dental services while still putting patient comfort first. True View Dental specializes in comprehensive dentistry, thus providing a wide array of services for patient health and comfort.


  • Exams and Check-Ups – the dentist will assess your overall oral health and examine your teeth and gums for any signs of decay or disease.
  • Child Dentistry – comprehensive dental care for children in a safe and friendly way.
  • Cleanings – remove harmful plaque and tartar that can erode the enamel on your teeth and cause gum disease.
  • Sealants – thin, protective coatings are applied to the grooves of teeth, providing a layer of defense against decay.

Restorative Care

Dr Aquiles Mas and the team at True View Dental in Naples have made incredible strides in the field of restorative dentistry, providing the Naples community with a comprehensive solution for restoring the beauty of their smiles. Dr Mas understands that having damaged teeth can be embarrassing and cause you to feel like hiding your mouth, but he is committed to helping every patient achieve optimal oral health through careful planning and conservative treatment. Dr Mas ‘ expertise in restorative dentistry means patients can benefit from his leading-edge techniques and many years of experience in providing Florida-area clients with superior dental care. Dr Mas will always take the time to listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have, so you’ll feel comfortable entrusting your smile to him and his team at True View Dental in Naples!

  • Fillings – used to fill an area that has been subject to decay or fracture.
  • Oral Surgery – any operation performed on your teeth, gums, jaw, or surrounding oral and facial structures.
  • Implants – a titanium screw that acts as an artificial root for replacing missing teeth.
  • Bridges – an artificial tooth (or teeth) that is connected to existing teeth to fill in any gaps that may have been left by missing or damaged teeth.
  • Root Canal – a dentist will access and remove the infected pulp from inside the tooth using special dental instruments.
  • Crowns – permanent caps placed on weak or damaged teeth to protect and cover a tooth.
  • Dentures – are a type of artificial dental prosthesis used to replace missing teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr Aquiles Mas is an exceptional resource when it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Naples. He has years of experience carrying out procedures such as implants, veneers, and all types of restorative work to improve both the look and function of a patient’s smile. The team Dr Mas leads at True View Dental has the skills, qualifications, and commitment to their patients to ensure each person leaves with a perfect set of pearly whites they can feel proud to show off! From the moment you call the office, Dr Mas and his team will provide expert guidance throughout every step of your cosmetic dental journey – leaving behind any worries or anxieties so that you are free to exude confident smiles all year long! Here are some options to brighten up your smile:

  • Porcelain Veneers – thin porcelain shells applied directly to the surface of the teeth, custom-made to fit your mouth’s unique shape and size.
  • Teeth Whitening – is a popular cosmetic treatment that can help brighten and whiten stained or discolored teeth.

If you are looking for a dentist in Naples, True View Dental guarantees quality results while maintaining a positive atmosphere. Clients in Naples can be confident knowing they are receiving expert care from True View Dental. Contact us today to learn more about what True View has to offer.